Let the botnets come to me…

A week ago I decided to install a honeypot at home in order to get some malware samples running in the wild.
I used nepenthes as recommended by the shadowserver foundation and I found it’s extremely straightforward to install and has a very small footprint. Check this uptime and load info:

root@bt:/mnt/sdcard/nepenthes/binaries# uptime
13:30:04 up 7 days, 14:15, 1 user, load average: 0.08, 0.02, 0.01

I hadn’t time yet to properly configure it but the default install captures the binaries send to the different ports (imitating a service) by the worms and store them for later analysis. After a week I have captured 66 different samples already. Not bad…

root@bt:/mnt/sdcard/nepenthes/binaries# ls -l | grep -v total | wc -l

A remarkable feature is the automatic send of the binaries to an online sandbox, where they will be executed and analyzed.

I will be giving a talk in November at Backtrack Day 2010 (Germany) about reverse engineering Malware. Now I just need to check my binaries directory and find a good sample for it!


One thought on “Let the botnets come to me…

  1. can wait for more information about what your finding that is current and how one should go about tracking and analysis….

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