/usr/btday2010 -v

Just a short post about the BackTrack Day Germany 2010.

I had the opportunity to give a talk about Reverse Engineering methods applied to Malware analysis (how cool sounds that…) and it was a really nice experience!

The Backtrack Day Germany this year joined 100 IT Security freaks, who could know each other (the person behind the nickname I mean), participate in bad-ass workshops and watch some cool talks (and mine as well :P)

You can check out my nerdilicious talk “Bad Robot: Malware jagen und analysieren” (Malware Hunting and analysis) below.

Unfortunately is in German but hey, it has nice pictures!

It looks a bit dumb without the complementary voice but well… it doesn’t look very intelligent either when I talk between the slides!

I wanted to embed a video but the resolution of  Flash video is shit very low, so I just created a HD version and jumped into it when the presentation says “w00t! Video!”. You can find the video below as well.

Enjoy! ;)

Update: You can find the code of the DLL injection “deflection” example (video) below too. Play with it, try new things, do whatever you want! Leave some feedback on the comments even if it’s too say “your code sucks big time”… it sure does! ;)


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