Daemon Wargame


“The world is at war. You just don’t know it already.”



I have put together a little wargame to start 2012 with some nice hacking stuff.

It consists of five challenges covering the following categories:

  • binary reverse engineering
  • payload analysis
  • network steganography
  • QR code magic
  • Active Directory forensics


How To Play

The different challenges are logically united through a common plot. I thought it would be nice to write some kind of “short novel” along the way (warning, I’m not a writer, it sucks big time ;))

You have to solve a challenge at the end of each “chapter” in order to access the next one. Usually the solution of these challenges are some part of an URL leading to the next chapter.

However, as it’s normal (and really frustrating) to get stuck on a challenge I will unlock a chapter every week or so. This way you have the option of playing sequentially or just pick up your favorite challenge topic.

Some of the challenges are designed so that you can take a shortcut if you recognize what’s behind them. A good example of this would be Chapter 0x02 [Spoiler Alert!]

However you can as well take the long road and show what you got!


The “hint” panels

On the right side of the page you can find a couple of “dropdown” panels with some help. The one at the top, conveniently named “[ How To ]” contains the instructions to get the URL for the next chapter.

At the bottom, the panel “hints” contains well… some hints. It contains links to the materials needed to solve the challenge as well. Note that sometimes important pieces of information are scattered through the chapter’s text. Be sure to read it, I know it sucks but it’s short :)


The characters

Some of the characters are anonymous but I took the liberty to add a couple of chapters starring real world pr0n stars, like Aaron Portnoy or Corelanc0d3r. Kudos to them and please don’t sue me! :)

No seriously guys, don’t sue me :P


Blah, Blah, cut to the chase

You can start playing here:


The unlocked chapters will be announced in twitter, under @m0n0sapiens


Good luck and go save the world!



Yay, visitors!


After one week online, the brave Daemon Taskforce, fighting fiercely against the (evil?) almighty Daemon came from the following countries. (see graph below)

Unfortunately, the graphics are labeled in German, but anyway… it summarizes like this:

  • the finnish guys are clicking like crazy. Thanks to @mikko for that :)
  • half of the players come from the good old Europe. Go old continent!
  • as of 12th January, a total of 99 different countries have checked in.


Also, watch out Daemon, they are getting closer! ^^

Visitor distribution as of 12 Jan (1 week)


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