OHM 2013 Slides

The last month I was at the OHM2013, a very recommendable experience by the way.

Since a picture is worth a thousand words (or a million if it’s HD), here a couple of impressions:






I was at the Village 42 kindly invited by the people of Schuberg Philis to give a short talk about DBI, debugging automation and Python. Just an introduction to frameworks like Winappdbg, vtrace , Intel PIN and their uses, with some examples.

NOTE: Somehow this “short” talk ended lasting for about three hours. (I hereby apologize to the attendees :P)

Anyway, some people expressed their interest in seeing the slides so I will post here the .pptx file (notes included) and the PoCs used in the demos. I hope somebody find it useful.

Also, without further ado (kind of a douchy expression):

Slides: BinaryVoyeurismOHM2013

PoC Code: OHM.2013.Code.zip (NOTE: WordPress doesn’t allow .zip files so I added a .pdf ending. Remove it and you are good to go!)

P.S. If you go to OHM don’t forget to take *rubber boots* with you!


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